Instinto-st lp (2012,Svoboda Records)

Instinto is new band from Barcelona, Spain they formed in 2011 but the members were (are?) involved in many bands such as Totälickers, Afganistan Yeye’s, Infäme, Disundead,  Hijxs Taradxs and others. Here we have their first lp which was released in 2012 by Svoboda Records and is also available for streaming in bandcamp. The record consists of ten tracks and an amazing blending of crustcore, D-beat with hints of metal and to be more specific, Swedish Death Metal: The usual D-Beat drumming  is fast and steady, bass is heavy pounding, guitar sound is thick and solid  with a metal edge, the crust/hardcore riffs are here and also some leading guitar parts add some melodies that paint the songs and remind Wolfbrigade, Skitsystem, Tragedy, From Ashes Rise and the likes. The singer has a nice and throatty voice and delivers the goods, he sings in Spanish and is accompanied by some screamed/yelled backing vocals. Lyrics included in a sheet (why not English translation?) and sound quality is great. All and all this is a great release full of power and energy, there is no weak spot in the record, everything was made the way has to be.This is probably still available so check Svoboda Rec.s or the labels/distros listed in this page. Future plans include a second lp on Svoboda and a split ep with Rhukkus from Mexico.


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F.CHARPY said...

Hi !Here's Djaymz from D.I.Y label SVOBODA RECORDS...
Wanted to tell there's again some copies available (also last other releases MORDARE / BLACK CODE / LOS REZIOS KRUGER etc...) and at first there's english translation insert (simple white paper) but maybe it's mistake !!!If you want one i can send it!
Cheers and thanks for the support!
Always antifascist!!!