Funeral Pyre of Mankind-promo 2012

"Having its roots in a band dating back to a few years ago, Funeral Pyre of Mankind took its final shape during early 2012. In a society ridden with insignificance and abashed lives, we try to get rid of the poison with our sonic desolation, playing fast, dark and bitter music, up close and personal - An ode to regression, an epitaph to the downfall of man. Join us as we celebrate the flames of the end in this barren and hopeless world."Funeral Pyre of Mankind  is a modern crust trio from Instabul, Turkey, i don't know anything about them and the only info is these lines above you already red. As the title says this is their promo and first work in 2012. Music wise they deliver black metal influenced neo-crust in the vein of Ictus, Leathershit. Madame Germen and such acts. Not acoustic preludes, not atmospheric passages, just emotional and mournful guitar riffs with D-beat drumming and screamed vocals creating a pessimistic sonic landscape. All and all tis is a nice demo and the band delivers  the goods without being a groundbreaking novelty or blending several genres but walking in a pathway many bands walked before and what they create is really nice, give it a listening  if you are into late Ekkaia, Ictus, Alpinist, Leathershit and such crust acts, this is realy good

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