Post Atomïc Dogs-Demo 2012

Post Atomïc Dogs hail from Sao Paolo, Brazil and this is their nine song demo. As happens in most bands that i post i don't know anything/much about them. The band formed in 2011 and released this demo in summer of 2012 delivering ferocious and brutal Dis crustcore full of energy and power with some grindcore influences, noisy guitars, fast D-beat drumming with some blasting parts, hoarse brutal vocals and filthy sound which is perfect for the genre, the covers of Driller Killer (Alcoholocaust) and Disrupt (Life's a life) are decently mutilated and the same way the band mutilates the meaning of word music in the rest tracks, give it a listening, this is heavy and brutal Dis crustcore the way Brazilian crusties play.



Bulldogue said...

Hey Guys, thanx for posting.
A big hug from Bulldogue Post Atomïc (guitar player).

7inchcrust said...

Hi Bulldogue! thanx for the comment.best wishes to Post Atomic Dogs! cheers and take care!