Forsete-st demo 2012

Here is a nice demo from a new band: Forsete hail from Denmark, when i got the mail with this ep from Frederik it was supposed to be one man band, they were a two man band during the recording of ep and now they are a three man crust act.  The demo delivers two tracks and 9:15" of a blending of crust, D-beat and black metal: First track Pledged is a crust assault in the first half of the song and then turns into a black metal storm, ( i enjoyed the opening of song, it kicks ass), the second track Crusade stands between the genres and brings a blackened crust .Their inspiration is Scandinavian Crust/Black Metal and their tunes move in these genres. This is waaaayy better than i expected, vocals are brutal, drumming is excellent in fast pace and guitar delivers the brutality too, sound is raw but decent. As i said this was a nice surprise to my ears, Forsete offer this for free streaming in Soundcloud. Visit their Lastfm and  farcebook page and click em a like or just say them to record more songs, this is too short, more of the same pleaz!


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