Culto del Cargo-st ep (2012)

Culto De Cargo hail from Italy, they are a D-beat Crust/Hardcore band, they formed in 2010 and here is their eponymous ep which comes in seven inch format and was released in 2011. Here's some information about the band taken from Mustard Relics (Hi Justin! Keep the flag high!):"We are into the DIY punk and hardcore scene, so we love to play in squats, anti-fascist and self-managed places. Things are changed in Veneto compared to 15 years ago: there aren’t many punk or hardcore bands, and is very hard to find a place to play for. There some places to play; but sometimes cops have something to say... We have played (and playing) in a lot of bands. Here you are a list: Gelo, Caprosmorto (R.I.P.), Corporation of Consumption, Carlito , Timothy (a sort of Entombed/hc style), Terrorarium (grindcore), Cimex (anarcho-punk). For more information check Mustard Relics. From all these bands i remember Cimex, if my memory is correct they had two releases back in 2004-05, available for free in their site (i think i downloaded it and it must be stored in an old cd in my cellar..)
The record delivers five songs, 300 copies were made, Music wise there is brutal hardcore with some crust and D-beat hints: Vocals are rough and brutal reminding a grindcore band (check the beginning of "L'era dell'uomo") , guitar is distorted, heavy and noisy delivering hardcore riffs and drums keep bashing without mercy. This is and is free for downloading in band's page here or you can stream and listen it there. Future plan of CdD is to record a new 7'' split in December '12 with “Brivido”, a hardcore band from Croatia.

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