Haut&Court-La vie (2012 Torn Flesh Records)

This is brutal shit: Haut&Court ( High & Short) is a grind/experimental/mathcore from France and La vie is their six song fresh new  release on Torn Flesh Records. Not much to say here, this is brutal, brutal and then more chaotic and more brutal, with razor blade guitars and blasting tight drums along with brutal vocals. Imagine Converge or  Trap Them and got these guys, this is brutal but also brings some technical shit within the noise, Torn Flesh calls their music Mathcrust, well i don't know, it sounds grind to my ears but that's no big deal, the deal is that this is good enough to torment your ears and minds. Haut&Court (read a review here) offer this for free and so Torn Flesh does too, if  you want a copy you can get it from the band.


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