Going peacefully-Demo 2012

Band's name is Going Peacefully but everything goes brutal here: GP come from San Antonio, Texas, United States and this is their four track demo released in summer 2012. Here is some information about the band written by Frank (guit/vox): "..the drummer and I started jamming the summer of 2011 but this didn't fully come into fruition until earlier this year, around may. we added kavon, our bassist in july and we've played a few shows since then. still have a couple more planned but definitely plan on getting out there more, as much as possible. currently we only have this demo but we recorded 10 songs in august including these four. we're not sure if we should do a full length yet or maybe do a split or have another demo or EP released. as far as influences go, they range from bands like the secret to the Endless Blockade and His Hero is Gone, Majority Rule to Neil Perry to Welcome the Plague Year. Although we have many influences the music itself is derived from pure emotion"
GP"s demo delivers four songs of brutal and noisy crust: Brutal screamed vocals, noisy and raw distorted guitars and bass and hard hitting drums in fast beat with some mid-paced and slower parts. No any melody or sweet emotions here, just brutal distorted crust and noise, enjoy it.


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