Visions of Dystopia-Demo 2010

The last week I received a bunch of demos sent by bands but things are a bit hard for me, i am so busy with no much free time or access to internet so guys be patient, there will be some delay for your demos. It would be very easy to post a link and say "this is the band, this is the demo, enjoy it"  without listening at all but i don't like doing it this way. Anyway thank you all for sending your demos.
A few months ago i posted four Visions of Dystopia songs take from band's myspace (here), recently someone contributed their demo so here it is. Whoever you are, thank you very much and cheers!
Visions of Dystopia come from Berlin, Germany, they started in 2010 (or so) and this is all i know about them, so far this demo seems to be their only recorded material, if you know any further information about them just type some lines here and enlighten us, thanx!
The mp3 files haven't any tags so the exact year of release is still a mystery but: If you click file info of a song then you see that the mp3 was created in 2010 so this must be the correct year or release. The demo delivers eight songs and sixteen minutes of  D-beat attack of Shitlickers, Discharge and Anti Cimex worship.Nothing less than pure pure D-beat punk. The singer shouts in English and German
I don't need to rant anymore, get the demo, thanks again to the guy who offered it. Visions of Dystopia are now in farcebook, click 'em a like or shout them cheers(unfortunately not any info there too)


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