Displode-Still Another War Song demo 2011

A few months ago i posted Face of War by Displode which is their side from the Face of War/Apocalypse Approaches split with Dispose, This was before the date of release, the records came out a few weeks ago on Crucificados Pelo Systema, SMYT Records and Reset No Equal Zero Records in 300 copies and brings four tracks from each band and thirteen minutes of noisy and distorted Raw D-beat paying homage to bands such as Disclose, Shitlickers, Discharge, Disarm, etc.the gate fold cover includes lyrics for both bands and guitar tablatures for Displode (great idea!), this is still available from the labels and other distros around the globe.
Now back to demo (no link for the split here): Still Another War Song was a short three track demo by Displode (not any relation with Displod from France too, the band who predated Discharge back in 1981), it was recorded sometime in 2011, as we know Displode is one man raw D-beat band continuing the legacy of D-beat/Dis-noise bands "influenced by  Disclose, Discharge, Disarm, Shitlickers and many other D-beat bands. The demo has rough and raw sound, comparing to the split sound quality this is more rough and distorted. This is short as fart (approximately four minutes only running time) and as usual the tracks come in the familial beat and speed and one of the songs (Biological Warfare) appears in the split with Dispose. This is available in Displode's blog in Noise section (scroll down the page and get it, thanks to G for offering this for free).
Plans for future Displode releases include the splits 7"'s with Conclude and Dudman (Jp).

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