Displode-The face of war ep (2012)

Displode hail from France and is "...only an one man tribute band to keep alive the tradition of the Disnoise, essentially influenced by:Disclose, Discharge, Discard, Disprove, Disarm, Shitlickers, Disaster, Agoni". These words by  the band describe perfectly The Face Of War tracks which are the Displode side for the split ep with Dispose from Sweden: Raw and noisy D-beat with fuzzy and distorted guitar and bass, angry and rough vocals and the usual lyrical topics paying homage to Disclose and the aforementioned bands. Songs are fast and short, the sound is raw and and filthy, lyrics and surprisingly guitar tabs(!) are printed inside, the ep is a co-release of SMYT Records, Reset Not Equal Zero Records and Crucificados Pelo Sistema Records and is going to come out in May 2012. Future Displode  releases are the splits 7"'s with Conclude and Dudman (Jp).
Dwnld link is provided by SMYT and Dispode, thanx Gis and cheers!


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