Acid Shark-Bombs Away demo 2012

Acid Shark come from Bristol, UK formed by Lee, ex-editor of Zero Tolerance mag and ex-member of Deathsters Mithras as a solo project back in 2005, the solo project slowly turned into a four piece band and in 2011 they had several appearances in gigs around Bristol area.This first demo was recorded in spring '12.
A detailed history can be found in this page in their site. Bombs Away is a three track demo that lasts nearly seven minutes and delivers old school grindcore blended with crust punk: Guitars riffs are fast, intense and metal influenced, drumming is viciously hyper fast reminding Terrorizer and Napalm Death, vocals are yelled/shouted instead the usual grunts/growls and put the band on the border of crust and grind, a kind of Barney's vocals without the distortion/compression filters. In all and all this sounds like a Napalm Death/ Terrorizer influenced crust band. You can score a copy in cheap low price, watch 'em in  Youtube or click a like in their facebook page and if you have singing skills contact them and get the job since the vocalist left the band. Bombs Away is offered for free by the band


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Acid Shark said...

Here’s a new ACID SHARK track with our new singer! Enjoy 3:)