Warthreat-Raw Punk and Chaos Noise demo tape 2012

Warthreat D-beat raw punx come from Perth, Australia , we first met them in their demo tape from 2011, Raw Punk and Chaos Noise is their five track tape for their South East Asia tour ( late Feb to early March '12) and delivers nearly eight minutes of what the name of tape says: Raw D-beat punk full of distortion in the vein of almighty Disclose, Confuse, Shitlickers, etc, this is prety much chaotic and noisy with distortion, treble and reverb to the maximum ,two songs are fresh new, two re-recorded and taken from the first demo and the s/t 7" and the tape ends with Conquest of Disclose.
The tape was released by Delussion of Terror, Doombringer Records and Live Fast Die Drunk Records and seems to be still available in several distros around the world (Soap ans Spikes, Doomringer, Crysis and many others) so grab a copy if you like it.Warthreat members were/are also in Suffer, Drowing Horse Ex-Craw and Extortion. Download link is provided by the band, the file includes the artwork.


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