Disfigure-Demo 2009

Disfigure were a short lived three man D-beat band from Atlanta, United States, they formed in 2009 and included people from bands such as In Ruins, Ralph and Die Ficken. as far as i know they recorded this demo that was never officially released and called it a day in 2010, in 2011 they came back for a couple of shows but never recorded any new songs, if you know anything about them just drop some lines. The demo brings seven tracks including Warmachine by Anti Cimex and approximately 8:30" of  what the cover artwork and the Dis-name reveals: D-beat hardcore / crust with the usual three chord riffs, D-beat drumming and lyrics about the usual  for the genre topics such as war, third world genocide etc. This is rough and brutal, sound quality is decent and delivers the goods, unfortunately the didn't continue and this is their only legacy.
No more ranting, go get some dose of D-beat and enjoy it.



Anonymous said...

Glad to see that you have survived the "Upload-Site & Blogspot-Slaughter" of recent times [sofar] and I'm happy to see that even some older links still work. I Lost a lot of stuff after a "hard-disc-meltdown". Keep you blogs going man!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this. In the 2011 line up we added some other members on guitar and bass and I just did vocals. It was fun while it lasted, we left behind another demo that was horrendous and out of tune. No one else has it and probably never will. Stay punk, - S

Gabriel Garcia said...

Here is the 2nd Disfigure demo that never was released, slight line-up change than the first. Aaron Anderson-D-beat Scott Taysom-Vox Aaron Smith-6 strings Gabe Garcia-4 strings.


7inchcrust said...

Hi S. (Scott?),its always nice to see band's members here,thanks for the additional info,i had no idea about the 2nd demo.
Gabriel thanks for the link, i will post it as soon as possible,cheers and beers!