Hatross-Echoes of war tape 2011

Hatröss hail from Bogota, Colombia and deliver a tape full of crust/D-beat aggression: The band formed in 2009 by people who were already active in other bands, Echoes of War was originally produced on tape format in 2010 and in 2011 the tracks were re-recorded. So far the discography of band is Echoes of War tape, and contributions in D-beat hasta ke te sangren los oídos comp and South American Hardcore Straight Edge My Ass four way split with Life and Death, Agresor and Toke de Keda and the Crush the Terror of the Skies split with Odio Eterno from Costa Rica. Music wise, Echoes of War starts with a battle field sound sample under the music carpet of Wagner’s Ride of the Valkyries and follows with six tracks of D-beat/crust in the tradition of Latin America raw Anarcho-punk bands with angry rough vocals and raw guitar sound and hints of old school black metal (Hellhammer, Venom etc) that delivers the goods. As expected, tape cover artwork is war themed and in the black and white D-beat tradition, lyrics are included and are inspired by the horrible side of the things inspired by war, violence and hatred. I don’t have to say anything else go get it and listen it, check their myspace, Reverbnation, facebook and tumblr page. Download link is provided by the band (thanx David and cheers!)


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