Disthory-Perfidia y Óbito demo 2012

When a band is Dis named we all expect another Discharge/Disclose influenced band, when the name comes from Discharge and Bathory then you should expect some Bathory influences in the typical D-beat, right? yes that's what we got here: Disthory (great name!) is one man Black Metal/Crust Punk band from Chile, formed by Karthagoat (who is also vocalist/guitarist in the Speed Metal/Punk band Hatecharged, the band was formed in 2012, Perfidia y Óbito (Treachery and Death) is the first demo and deliver twelve songs including covers of Anti Cimex, Discharge, Bad Religion and Destrucciσn. As expected this is D-beat worship (Anti Cimex, Discharge) with black metal influences (Bathory,Darkthrone) and sometimes it reminds Disflesh (Warmaggedon era), the cover songs are well played (Never Again and When the Innocent Die are great covers), a couple of tracks seem to come from different sessions since the production is slightly different. This is a nice demo and worth to give a listening. There is no any band site, you can contact Karthagoat via mail at Windir (at) live (dot) cl, download link includes lyrics (in Spanish) and is provided by the band (thanks B. and cheers!)


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Gracias por Disthory!