Krigblåst-Demo tracks 2012

I really get confused when i see bands mix Gothic font lettering and emblems such as eagles, hawks, lions and such stuff (or even when they use a name in German), in the back of my mind this combination is related with nazi or extreme right wing wankin' bands or aristocrat high class parasite families of past centuries. But then we all have got used of Wolfbrigade and their logo and probably some other bands that i m just forgeting right now use the same combination so this is no big deal. Anyway, after this useless intro lets get Krigblåst (Wind of War in Swedish) the new band of Phobia's vocalist and founding member Shane "the pain" McLachlan, these three tracks are demo recording uploaded in their Reverbnation page and free for downloading. Shane plays the bass and has second vocals duties, his band delivers a great blending of metal hints with the melodic leading guitar and even epic parts of Wolfbrigade, Tragedy and From Ashes Rise, vocals are shouted and rough, beat is fast and steady. the second artwork which is in the usual crust pathway was made by Maja Jakovljevic, Watch Them Die is my favorite track, the whole thing kicks ass and delivers the goods. Tragedy, Wolfbrigade, Darkthrone and melodic crust fans give it a listening, this is for you!

Watch them die
The Lies
Cut Through


Anonymous said...

thanks you very much. stay alert and we will have new recordings very soon! -j/krigblåst

7inchcrust said...

Hi J, thanx for the comment, your songs are great,i wish you the best,cheers!!
Billy 7IC