Shade of Mankind-Fall out demo 2011

Shade of Mankind is one man crust band and its the project of Roderick Hellion from Porto Alegre, Brazil. Fall out is his first demo ep consisting of seven tracks and fifteen minutes of heavy crust blending Doom and Disrupt with some death metal and grindcore hints. Bass and guitar are heavy, thick and distorted, drums pace is fast but not chaotic and vocals are brutal growls reminding me of Oscar Garcia, the lyrics are pessimistic and sarcastic and darken the already gloomy music (you can read the lyrics in SoM ReverbNation page) Some death metal and grindocre hints pop up here and there and make the whole thing heavier and apocalyptic. Roderick offers the demo for free and he is in the process of making Shade of Mankind's first full length, you can have a first listening of it by listening the covers of Cro-Mags, Eyehategod and Integrity and something more: You can suggest him two tracks from Fall out to re-record and include in the full length (check the wall of his fb page)



Rodrigo Luz said...

Hey,it's Roderick Hellion himself here,thank you very much for posting my music on your blog.

Greetings from Brazil and keep up the great job!

7inchcrust said...

Hi Roderick,this is Billy from the freefalling Greece. Thanks for the comment, Fall out is a great recording,i wish the new release will be great too, cheers! :)