Contort-Endless myopic bastards tape 2011

Endless Myopic Bastards is the second tape of Irish punx Contort, recorded and released in 2011 by Distroy and Headwrecker delivering the same raging noise as they did in An Island of Noise In An Island of Silence. 300 green cassette copies were made and packaged in a nice looking plastic box and the double sided fold out lyric insert you see here and secured with a screen printed wrap around. Music wise it brings seventeen minutes of GAI, Confuse and Gloom influenced noise raw punk and to coin Chris of Agitate zine "..the reverbed vocals..reminding me of 'Perdition' era Disorder", so you know what you get here. There is an entry in Headwrecker blog (here) with some cool details about the band, past tour, etc. Download link is provided by the band.


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