Menolak Janji Pemimpin-Made In Kilang Demo 2011

Menolak Janji Pemimpin (Rejecting Leaders Promise) come from Malaysia, i don't know anything about these punks, the demo was sent by one of the members (thanx Riq!) and their blog is in their native language: The demo brings five tracks and nearly eighteen minutes of noisy hardcore with angry shouted vocals and political lyrics in English and Indonesian. The last entry in their blog informs "We have been featured in (the 64 band) Free Aceh Punx MIXTAPE Vol.1, a project by Bandung Pyrate Punx Records". Good! Keep it up and stay strong! cheers!



riq said...

Thanks heaps for the support!
we are from Malaysia :)

Keep up the good work, sharing great bands from all around the globe.
Up the punx!


7inchcrust said...

thanks for correcting me and for your kind words :) Cheers!!!