Hatsuri-Six track tape (2010,Freedom Fighter)

This thrashing hardcore: Hatsuri hail from Osaka Japan, never heard anything about them, in this page you will find some pics and writings by their bassist, they seem to exist since 2006-07 and their name means the word for the action of breaking concrete with a jackhammer. This six track tape was released in 2010 by Freedom Fighter and delivers approximately 8:30" of mad, noisy and thrashing hardcore in the vein of Gauze.



fuckthesystem said...

please re-upload, megaupload has been seized by the government

7inchcrust said...

the problem is not only in megaupload,many servers blocked or deleted the files after the megaupload shit,be patient and hopefully in the next days or weeks things will get clear

7inchcrust said...

link is active again