Distate-Bastard D-Beat demo cd (2010)

Distate hail from Brazil (not any relation with Distate from UK) and this is their demo recorded sometime in 2010. There are four tracks and over of ten minutes of raw, drunk and stinking D-beat coming straight from the old and glorious days of Discharge. Sound is raw and lyrics deal with the usual topics except Whorehouse D-beat which probably deals with some other kind of shit, all punks love Lemmy and Motorhead despite Whorehouse blues so idon't wanna judge anyone, i don't know the lyrics, they probably did this as a joke but it would be better if the reference to 'bitches' on the cover wasn't there but anyway i ranted too long about this bullshit. This is good shit for all D-Beat lovers, the demo is available for free on their myspace.

Go get it
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Anonymous said...

Dig your blog. Check out my band Life Erased's demo:


We are a d-beat band from Dallas, Texas

Any support is appreciated!

7inchcrust said...

thank you!,i gave a first listening to your tracks and you are really good,i will post At Top... as soon as possible,cheers and thanks again!

Anonymous said...

The best D-beat from Brazil!

Anonymous said...