Dead To A Dying World-st 2x lp (2011,Tofu Carnage)

This is Blackened Apocalyptic Epic Crust from Dallas Texas: Dead To A Dying World is a seven(!) piece act and this is their eponymous album which is currently available for streaming and its going to be release by band's own label Tofu Carnage. Its consists of three tracks that last approximately 45 minutes and bring you an amazing blending of crust, doom and US black metal with dual screamed/grunted vocals. There are many tempo changes and the fast crust/crustcore parts are followed by emotional/atmospheric/doomy and even ambient-ish breaks, there are mournful melodies here and there, the vocalists spit despair and agony while some cello parts make the whole shit more dark and haunting. Once you say the great part of the song has passed and the next minute you stay speechless by the new turn of rhythm, melody and the ideas of band. Awesome shit in the vein of Fall of Efrafa, Agrimonia and the likes. Sound quality is perfect and Phillip Cope of Kylesa stands behind these three tracks which were recorded in autumn of 2010, You can pre-order a copy from Tofu Carnage.



mikxxx said...

re asta auta ta bandcamp..
vale download link

7inchcrust said...

den to exo katevasmeno alla k na to eixa link yiok afou einai kainourgio k se kykloforia.
mporeis na ixografiseis ta kommatia eno paizoun sto bandcamp,yparxoun programmatakia