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Prepare for some fucked up raw and distorted D-beat assault: Electric Funeral hail from Sweden, Jocke of Warvictims is behind this shit and here you got four demo tapes spitting noise and D-beat rage. So far, EF have release four demo tapes recorded in 2009-10, the Harvester of Death 7" on Crucificados Records and Make Noise Not War 7" on Detonate Records recently a split ep w Greek raw D-Beat noise lovers Go Filth Go!came out. This is the Discharge legacy played the way Disclose and Gloom did and Giftgasattack, Disable and many other D-beat noise freaks do.The demos we have here are D-Beat Noise Attack, Make A Change, Gröndalen Demo and In League With Darkness Demo tape, all released by Distort The World Records (Jocke's label too). Fist and second demo came out in 12 inch format (Shogun Recordings,350 copies, silkscreened sleeve and sold out, second pressing 500 copies, go grab one!). The tapes are sold out but thanks to Alex from Distroy Records distro are available for downloading. "With songs of all the usually nature of punk bomb raids, animal right and the destruction of the earth all behind a wall of noisy high voltage raw distort D-Beat attacks. (D-Beat Beater), "Electric Funeral’s sound is a metallic wall of filthy distortion, full of dis-passion ..this is loud, dirty & raw without a doubt, but what makes them so killer is that they still retain this layer of blackened groove to their tunes, On every song, the guitars turn out distorted riffs of death that will have your head nodding for sure! The vocalist in this band is a modern day blues man, you can hear the pain & anguish in every syllable he spits".(Cvlt Nation). They said it all so no more rant, go get the demos.

D-Beat Noise Attack
Make a Change
Electric Funeral - Gröndalen
In League With Darkness (sorry no link)

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Here is their newest demo "Order From Disorder"