Anti System-Bunuh musuhmu ep 2010

This is raw D-Beat crust punk from Pasuruan, East Java, Indonesia: As usual, i don't know anything the band, their myspace has no any information. all i know about them is the split with Conduta Destrutiva, released in 2010. Bunuh musuhmu is their new ep released by Flatus Records and brings you eleven tracks of raw D-beat, imagine all these bands with black n white covers and bullets and sculls logos and you got Anti System but despite the thousands of bands of the genre they deliver some interesting and catchy riffs and songs are really nice and full of energy, sound is raw and from the song titles is obvious what the lyrics deal about. Great ep, give it a listenig, the bands offers it for free in their myspace.



qQlxqln said...

Hey! I couldn't find your e-mail, so im posting here. It's my band demo - check it out and give an opinion - enojy or delete it as soon as possible and go drink - every suggestion will be great!

Cheers, qqlxqln, diyanarchocrustpunx.blogspot uploader.

7inchcrust said...

hey,what's your band? there is not any link! do you mean Disdrama-demo on diyanarchocrustpunx?

qQlxqln said...

yea! well, i thought ive pasted a link here... maybe blogger doesnt allow to post links in comments...

next try


hope it works now!


7inchcrust said...

ok now,thanks!cheers!

Abraham said...

could you upload it again?
link is broken
Thanks and Cheers from Mexico

7inchcrust said...

try this: