Whipstriker-Midnight crust demo 2010

Whipstriker hail from Rio de Janeiro Brazil and bring you a drunk hybrid of drunk metal punk blending Motorhead and Dark Throne. Current and former members are/were involved with many bands such as Nuclear Frost, Apocalyptic Raida, Atomic Roar, Toxic Holocaust (USA) and others, according to their myspace they are going to visit Europe in 2011. Their discography is Crude Rock 'N' Roll cd (Deathrash Armaggedon Records) and a split 7" w iron Fist (Bestial Invasion Records) both released in 2010. Midnight crust brings five tracks in the vein of Motorhead and later Dark Throne records, Motorhead lovers go for it and if like/love Dark Throne from The Cult is Alive and the next records don't hesitate to give it a listening. Drunk metal punk at its best,i really enjoyed it, Victor if it was you thanks!



Hardcore Por Vida said...

awesome blog. i've linked you on mine. do you think you could link mine too? i just started it a few days ago.

7inchcrust said...

you are added in link list,cheers :)