Sud Lincha-demo 2010

Sud Lincha come St Petersburg, Russia, they formed in 2009 and this is their six track demo recorded sometime in 2010. I don't know anything about them and the demo was offered by xRUDDAx, member of the band. The demo lasts for 11:30" and brings heavy hardcore riffs with a touch of crust, screamed vocals and rhythm section moving in midpaced beat while some faster parts appear here and there, lyrics are in Russian, one of the songs is cover of Proverochnaya Lineika (sXe band from Moscow).
Many thanks to xRUDDAx for offering the demo, the band is going to release a split with the Moscow crusties Unkind Revolt.


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Anonymous said...

Split is out now.
Check it out!

2012 - Власть тьмы - Тьма власти - Unkind Revolt - Суд Линча - Split EP