Black Howler-demo 2004

i know absolutely nothing about these crusties, their site is defunct, their myspace is abandoned without any information about them. They were from Brooklyn NY, they formed around 2004 and there is no any trace on the web about them, only in this forum they are a mentioned as female band ( KT the singer is a girl), I came late to them, i discovered their myspace a few years ago but it was already abandoned and the zip file was accidentally found, thanks to the guy who uploaded it.
Their four track piece of noise delivers over of thirteen minutes of heavy metallic and emotional crust reminding of Fall of Efrafa (Owsla era), Kylesa of early days and such emotional heavy acts. Guitar riffs are metal edged and heavy, vocals are deep low howls and rhythm section moves in mid paced beat, there are some nice slow and emotional breaks and sound quality is very good. Great heavy stuff. Give it a listening and drop a line if you know anything about them



Anonymous said...

Hey! check this new demo from caracas Venezuela!
Piel y huesos demo: http://anarcopunknoticias.blogspot.com/2010/10/piel-y-huesos-demo-2010.html
Want to know your opinion!

7inchcrust said...

Gracias! i will give it a listening and post it,:) cheers!!!

Krug said...

the band was formed by two brothers on drums and guitars, Callum (Final Conflict/Phobia) on bass, and KT (ex Planned Collapse)on vox. I think the two brothers continued to do music together under a different name.

7inchcrust said...

thanks Krug! cheers!