Trioxin 245-Demo

Trioxin 245 is posionous gas that makes zombies and stuff come alive.That's the gas,and this is the canadian band.Trioxin 245 come from ottawa,and its a 3 member band,just loving to play d beat-ed rock and roll tunes with some discore added to the whole thing.They were formed around 2004 and made a demo recording soon after released as a tape,this same tape was rerelased in 2007 on muerte negra records in texas.They changed a band member year after and recorded The experiment as their first full length release.In 2006 they go on and put out two more releases,split with brazilian besthoven and their ward off the evil ep,on which they are starting to have more r'n'r sound
but still have a strong d beat line.And as last from these canadian metal punx or whatever,came out the underworld ep which was released year later on shogun rec's in france,and finally got to put a metal band cover song on release,cause they love to do covers,but mostly done hc punk covers previously.This is their demo and has 14 tracks with a bit rough recording,but its kicking,its d beat,hcpunk,and some motor r'nr' tunes here and there,and afcorse has 5 covers,from varukers,anti cimex,discharge,disclose and doom,which is more than enough to guess what these guys are playing.Enough from me,get this and take care!

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