Siberia-Demo Tape

One night in june 2005 our brains get intoxicated, so we got 4 songs. In two weeks we recorded a demo tape in the practise-room. On summer 2006 we selfreleased a 7'' with 9 songs (525 copies). And we want to release a 12'' some day.
Well,this was copy pasted from Siberia's space profile,and i think that sums the bands origin and history(no it doesnt but...),so i guess what you need to know is the musical part of this Barcelona based band.this is their demo tape released around 2006 with 4 tracks on it,all tracks are played in d beat hc punk tune,discharged with a slight dose of japanese influence,but still this is d beat to the bone,plus,Horror members play in this band,so i think you should go for it.Also,their ep is going to be repressed,or already is,in spain,usa and uk.Thats all from me today,take care and enjoi!


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