Reaching Hand-Demo 2007

Reaching Hand come from Portugal, they are a four piece female fronted hardcore band, they formed in summer of 2007 and they recorded a six track cd-r. In 2009 they released Threshold ep on Thorp Records from USA.
The demo comes in a cd-r and lasts for about 9:40". Tracks are full of energy and power with nice breaks and beat changes and the sound quality is excellent. Artwork is simple and white color dominates in the package, music wise they deliver a blending of heaviness and intensity of 80's hardcore, there are some nice melodies thrown here and there and Sofia's vocals are angry and full of power. Thorp Rec.s says they are close to bands such as Comeback Kid, Reign Supreme and Have Heart or traditional youth crew bands (Carry On etc) I m not into these bands and this genre in general(im too deep into crust pit i guess) but honestly, Reaching Hand sound preety nice and strong and deliver the appropriate blending of passion,aggression and melody, if you aer into this kind of hardcore give it a try


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