Inepsy-Tour Demo

This is Inepsy.These punks dont need much of a presentation,since they have been burning our years with awesome metal punk,that goes from usual d-beat punk to rock'n'roll,for several years now.If you have heard the stuff these canadiens released by now,this is quite notable.The first thing they did was the EP in 2002 See you in hell,which has really nice soaring punk sound,then they released R'N'R Babylon,which was the bands first full length,and is preety much played in same style as the City Weapons LP,released later,though the hunger for some rock n roll riffs is more obvious in city weapons,and the seeds that they put in that one had grown in the last thing they released,No speed limit for destruction,which still is metal punk,but has some sleazy parts in it,from a metal point of view,but still,were talking about Inepsy here.Anyway think this demo is released as somekind of promo material for a tour in 2001/2,and there's also one unreleased track from Inepsy added to this.And while were here,just to say for those who like this band,that theres a new release from Inepsy on the way,split with Toxic Holocaust.Cheers!!!



Toxik Boys said...

Motorhead + Mob47

RYan said...

it says its corrupt. is it just me or the download?