Gallery-Demo 2009

Gallery is a sludge/crust metal band from Los Angels, USA and this is their web release demo recorded in 2009: It comes with nice artwork done by the bassist of the band andthe package includes the lyrics. Music wise this is doom/sludge with moments of crusty flavor and delivers a blending of Black Sabbath riffs (check Soulkrusher's opening and bridge riffs and most of guitar work in other songs, there is always a Sabbath feeling everywhere), Skaven's heaviness and Dystopia's intensity, (these bands are mentioned in their myspace as inspiration). The six tracks move in slow pacing and last over 28 minutes, singers throaty yells/screams fit nicely,lyrics are pessimistic and dark is it is expected and the sound quality is excellent. The band offers the demo for free in their myspace and its worth to give it a try.


Anonymous said...

the demo link is broken, but it has been moved to http://files.blackmarketdistro.com/gallery_demo_2009.zip

thanks for posting this!

7inchcrust said...

Link is fixed.Thanks mr anonymous and probably member of band :) the demo rocks!

zeroid said...

Wow - what a great demo, better than many a full release... reminds me a bit of Effigy if they were more into Eyehategod than Amebix:) and the vocals are excellent. Thanks for letting us hear this.