Wrath Cobra-ST Demo 12''

Wrath Cobra is an american crust band,they come from Pittsburgh,PA,and play great crust d beat,reminding a lot like Wolfbrigade.Two guitars playing nice crusty tunes,with some rock n roll and metal thrown in on solos,and nice screaming vocal,make the 4 tracks on this release sound quite powerfull.This is self realeased in end 2008 as 12'',and has a nice recording.
Check the website for download and contacting the band or try:


Anonymous said...

this band is amazing !!!!

Anonymous said...

saw them yesterday in leipzig/germany...it was amazing!

Anonymous said...

I saw these guys last night at Wisconsin Pirate Punks, Profane Existence & Hell on earth Records first annual Midwest Hellfest in Kimberly, Wisconsin.
You gotta download this demo NOW.