Kazan-Demo 2006 & Kazan/After Taste-split cd

Kazan and After Taste are two sceamo/post hardcore bands from Dijon, France. Kazan formed in 2005 and one year later they recorded this demo, in 2008 they released a split cd with After Taste (from Dijon too) and recently a split tape with Downfall of a Gaia.
I don't know anythig else about them, their myspace and their official site have not any information, on the other hand After Taste has a few things on their myspace. The split cd is their first release
Music wise both bands are close to the vein of Anomie or Fingerprint, (actually i'm not into this genre and Fingerprint and Anomie are the only bands i know to play this type of hardcore), both bands have screaming vocals, emotional riffs, acoustic parts here and there while some experimental hints appear from time to time.
Kazan offer their demo for free in their site and the split demo is also free for downloading in the myspace or bandcamp of both bands
split w After Taste


Anonymous said...

Hey there !
Thanks for sharing this :)
Have a nice day and take care,
Poum (KAZAN)

7inchcrust said...

Hi Poum, thanks for the comment.
i thank you for sharing your cd.
cheers :)

Anonymous said...
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