State Poison-Punk is Arrghh Demo 2007

State Poison is a french band coming from the city of Lyon,and play nice fuse of some japanese hc punk with quite a dose of noisiness.Not sure,but i think theres members in this band that have played in coche bomba and vomit for breakfast which are both powerviolence/grindcorish bands,but this is not close to that.Two guitars with total distorted punk tunes,hollow drumming in back,and add the screaming punk vocal along with the bass,and you get Gauze and Confuse style jap hc punk,plus need to mention that theres a GAI cover in this.This is their demo put out in 2007 and they recently put out another release,a st 7'' which is a bit different than this.You can find that release on indoneum bello records,or so some searching might help.Till then you can try out this demo and check their blog.



thomas said...

any chance you could re-upload this? I'd love to hear these guys' demo! great blog by the way, lots of awesome finds


7inchcrust said...

hey,this is my team mate's link,i hope i saved it back in time and re up it.

7inchcrust said...

the demo is available from the blog