War System-Demo 2007

War System is a band coming from west midlands U.K.This is a 4 member band playing crusty hc punk influenced by acts as Doom,Antisect,Discharge etc.The band is formed around 2007,and did released these 3 tracks around the same year,and have a new release called Incoming planned as 7''.So,english band playing crust punk with anti war lyrics,if you are a Doom fan,good chance you will like this.You can also check for band info here.


blake said...

i cant download War/system mate.
do you have another links?

7inchcrust said...

whats the problem? link is ok, i just downloaded it, maybe 4shared was temporarily down by the time you tried, the same demo was posted some months ago (rapidshare link), check United Kingdom label and you will find it