Råtukt-Sargade illusioner demo

From their Myspace:
RÅTUKT was formed in mid-October 2008 by Ola, Victor and Tobias. The three of them were all members of local band called "Simply the Victim", but their frontman left them and they decided to make a fresh new start. With this new start they felt that they wanted to do something different from what they recently played, more energic and chaotic, so the three of them formed RÅTUKT the same day. Shortly after the band was formed, they found a screamer they thought would fulfill the spot as a frontman more then well, and after a few rehearsals they decided to let Totte front the band. After some rehearsals they had a few songs, but they felt that they needed a second guitarist. So, after a few tryouts with two great guitarists, the band decided to let Jesper fill the spot since they thought that he would fit better, both skill and music-wise. The band was now complete and song after song were made. The lyrics has mainly been written by Totte, but Gran has been helping out with almost all of them. Their first demo "Råtukt-Sargade Illusioner" was released 19th Mars and have had ALOT of great response so far. The summer of 2009 the band will focus on doing gigs as often as possible and write new songs for the EP to come. Råtukt is a energic and twisted mix of Hardcore, Rock, Math, Metal and Punk. Intensive, chaotic, raw, rockn-roll-Hardcore. No shitty solos. No shiny riffs. No clean vocals. No kind words. Just a straight fucking kick in the face.


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