5 Brazilian bands

Here is a bunch of demos of Brazilian bands that Aquilini of Cause of Death blog has sent:Crushed Peanuts were a hardcore band from Maringá, Brazil, this tape comes from 1905 and delivers four tracks that last about seven minutes. Next band is Estilhaço, I don't know anything about them, this tape was recorded in 1999 and brings 17 tracks and 25 minutes of thrashing hardcore, K-9 Maniacs tape is from 1995 and delivers hardcore with shouting vocals, the sound quality is better than the other bands, finally No Brain and Sub Cut deliver rough hardcore from 1995 and 96. The sound in most tape is raw, there is scan of cover for each tape, if you know anything just drop a line.
many thanks to Aquilini (cheers dude)

Crushed Peanuts - Crushed Peanuts (Demo-Tape 1995)
Estilhaço - Armas De Brinquedo Para Uma Realidade Insana... (Demo-Tape 1999)
K-9 Maniacs - Respect! (Demo-Tape 1997)
No Brain - No Brain (Demo-Tape 1995))
Sub-Cut - Regression (Demo-Tape 1996)

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