the Skuds-Just gets worse [2004]

The Skuds is a hardcore band from Georgia, Unites States, they formed around 2004 and this is a demo cd-r recorded in 2004. They have released a couple of 7's (Absurd 7", Millions of 7", a split with Revolutionary Youth and History 7") and a lp (Annihilation), a split with Man The Conveyors is on the way. I have their first two ep's and both come in awesome package with tons of inserts, foldout posters, etc
Just get worse is their first demo and delivers six tracks of powerful hardcore with a touch of D-beat here and there.The sound quality is excellent,some of the tracks appear in Creeps, their second demo cd-r
Check their myspace for news, gig dates etc and their entries,(free downloading of their recordings)


Doug said...

There was also a punk band from Knoxville, TN called The Skudz, but this isn't the same one. they released one 7' ep "kill whitey" and an LP "Fuck KPD"..good snotty punk, definantly not crust, but oh well.

Unknown said...

Defiantly not crust, but the Knoxville skudz were one of my favorite bands along with the malignmen, and c4. I wish I still had those vinyals.

Unknown said...

Yep they should have researched the name first as they pale in the shadow to the mid 90's Knoxville punk band THE SKUDZ.