Parkinson-About a war (1998)

Parkinson hail from Johor Bahru, Malaysia, they are veterans in the Malaysian scene, About a war is a tape recorded in 1998 and was released by Broken Noise Records, 500 tape copies were made plus 500 copies for the mcd version. This was the first Parkinson release and delivers eight studio and two live tracks of 14 minutes of a blending of hardcore and powerviolence with raw noisy guitar. The sound quality is not the best in the world but still good enough to deliver the insanity of band, the guitar is noisy and raw, the vocalist(s) growls and screams in English and his native language and drums keep the speed in high level.
Parkinson are still active and they have transformed into a grinding crust band, they have released: A split w Aghast (tape/3"cd,1999,Broken Noise/All System Fail (Japan) there must be a 7" version of it, the Forgotten Victims 3 way split tape w Existench (Canada) and Irritate (Finland) in 1999, Peace Now or Die! tape (2001,Broken Noise), split tape w Extreme Decay (2001), Against brutality (2002), Perubahan cd-r (2003), split tape w Tekken (2004), split cd w Dosa (2004), cdep w Reconstract (2006) and a 3 way split cd w Kirenameko and Sefmadegod (2006), all tapes/cd's were released by Broken Noise



Krustie said...

uffss it's really nice post, i have Parkinson cd-r, give me Ingo from punxdeluxe.de and Depraved & Devilish Recs. really good band

Fernando Aquilini said...

hello my friend.
another demo from a hc brazilian band. and now, with informations :).



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reupload parkinson about a war broken link.......

7inchcrust said...

i apologize for this long delay,i finally found the file and re uploaded it.