Samothrace-demo 2007

Samothrace was formed in 2007 by current and former members of Oroku and This Building Is Cursed, the band was named after a Greek island that according to Greek mythology was the home of the Sanctuary of the Gods, also is known for the large half-crumbled statue of Nike of Samothrace (goddess of victory)
The demo was recorded in spring of 2007 and delivers three emotional, lethargic and mournful tracks in the usual slow tempos of Sludge/Doom metal, each track is too long (demo lasts for 28 minutes), there are clear and distorted parts with heavy tuned down guitars. La Llorona (named after a child drowning ghost of Mexican folklore) and Cacophony appear also in Life's Trade lp (2008,Buck Spin)
many Samothrace interviews float on the web, check 20 Buck Spin, Absolute Zero Media Blog and Heathen Harvest for more infos, details etc


Anonymous said...
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Tamás Kisbali said...

Thanks, this is pretty good stuff. I dig their full-length.