Contagium-Demo 2008

"We've been writing for a few months but played our first show at the end of May 2008. Since then, we've toured Canada with more plans to cover as much ground as possible, as soon as possible. We will play anywhere, so please get in touch if you'd be interested in having us in your town! We're booking a US tour for May and June of next year"..
First post for the winter and here is something i fell in love at first listening: we are still in Nova Scotia of Canada, Contagium is a three piece fresh new band and they deliver the metallic crust spirit of Axegrinder and Deviated Instinct in 2008 creating a atmosphere very close to these bands ans something similar to Misery, Hellshock and the likes. Angry vocals between screams and shouts, heavy and emotional metal influenced riffs, midpaced tempos changing into faster of slower parts. The sound is a bit raw but decent, the band released a new ep, the sound quality is better and reveals the progress of band, there are also plans for a split tape w/ Depletion
ps:this is not the original cover artwork but a flyer
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Anonymous said...

Contagium rule hard as hell, and they're gnarly guys too, they're from a few towns over from me. All of their recordings rule hard, and their live show kicks some serious ass. They'll be going somewhere for sure!

Best of luck to Rob, Ben, and Adam!

Anonymous said...

It's great to hear stuff of this style coming out of Atlantic Canada. I didn't see Newfoundland on their Canada tour dates; hopefully they'll play there at some point.

Anonymous said...

Great band, Adam should totally move back to Halifax so they can play more shows here.