Napalm Raid-demo 2008

Napalm Raid is a new band from Nova Scotia, Canada and this is their four track demo. Their first session as a band was in last November and these four tracks were recorded during their second practice. Its a piece of noisy hardcore with shitty sound and the usual d-beat storm and a blending of Discharge & Doom and as they say in their myspace, "Band finally jammed for the first time in November 2008 after a couple weeks of talking about it. Take five minutes to write a song then turn up and rock. Crusty ass thrashing bad-assness at its best. Recorded a 4 song demo at our 2nd practice."
So that's it, not a novelty or something groundbreaking by blending one subgenre into another and creating something new, but raw distorted noise that still it works for our drunk brains

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