Realm of Chaos-Stench of death (tape,2008)

Here we have another respective member of K-town scene in this blog (the first was Nuclear Death Terror): Realm of Chaos formed in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2006 and recorded two demo tapes: "Stench of death" and "Leader of pain", both in 2008
Just like NDT, Realm of Chaos is a five piece outfit of four guys and one girl but in RoC the girl handles vocals duties. Considering what their demos bring we may say that their name (probably) comes from Bolt Thrower's "Realm of Chaos" lp:"Stench of death" is the first demo tape, limited to only 300 copies, it consists of six tracks and delivers death metal influenced crust with female vocals, some backing monstrous male growls here and there and decent sound. The cover unfolds and includes the lyrics and some artwork. The metal orientated crusties will find interesting the way the band balances on the border between death metal and crust

01:Realm of chaos
02:Stench of death
03:: Like weed
04:A butcher's tale
05:Tears of agony


Anonymous said...

the second demo is just as good if anyone likes this. i beleive the band still has copies of that one.

Anonymous said...

The 2nd demo has a different sound in my opinion, I don't like it as mutch as this one

Azbest said...


Bergman said...

thanks! enjoyed this one! brutal!

Anonymous said...

hey tom b.how can i contact the band to order their demo?

7inchcrust said...

you can register in myspace and contact them

gost said...

This band's demos are awesome, full-on stenchcore. They should get more recognition.