Nuclear Death Terror-st demo tape (tape,2005)

Nuclear Death Terror demo tape was the first post in Crust Demos in June 2006. Sometime in the winter the link was removed because D-Takt and Rapunk released a 7" with four tracks taken from the demo. But at the same time the band used the text from my review in a review section on their Myspace and also put a link leading the visitors to Crust-demos NDT post, so there is no problem to re-post it and bring it back to light :)

NDT in their demo tape mix the d-beat crust core of Doom with some metallic elements in a amazing combination. The guitars are down-tuned, aggressive and violent, the rhythm section is full of energy and moves fast while the vocals are deep low howls. The tracks are fast followed by some slower emotional parts, there are some slow apocalyptic crust intros, the lyrics are about war, destruction of planet, state control and the sound quality is fucking good, sounding almost like an official release. The tape comes in a nice package and good looking inlay sleeve and is sold out.In December 2006 NDT released their st LP on Plague Bearer (Just recently i got a copy and i was stoked..) the four track 7" came out in 500 copies in spring of 2007 and recently NDT released "Ceaseless desolation" ep on Plague Bearer too (check a track on their myspace)
1:Cities to dust
2:Nightmare reality
3:System control
5:Police funeral
6:Life of pain
8:The final harvest

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