Misery-st demo (tape,1988)

A classic demo from a long standing and legendary band: Misery's demo recorded in 1988 and delivering seven tracks of metallic crust heavily influenced by Amebix and Antisect.
Misery formed in Minneapolis in 1987 and brought the sound of heavy metallic crust with political lyrical content to the city of Husker Du and The Replacements. The seven track demo was the beginning of a saga that keeps going on with many ep's ("Blindead""Born,fed,slaughtered","Children of war","Your leaders were lying", "Next time/Midnight",split w Hellspawn, split w Assrash,) and lp's(split w SDS,split w Extinction of Mankind, split w Toxic Narcotic,"production thru destruction",split w Path of Destruction, Who's the fool..the fool is silence") and compilations ("Misery-The early years","Next time/Who's the fool").
Here is a text with many details about Misery's early days:Misery formed in Minneapolis in 1987. It took a while to put a solid line up together. We had many different people come and go in the first few months, at one point we had two drummers and Dan, from Profane Existence, playing the bass on a three stringed electric guitar.Our first show was in December 1988 with Al Long ( ex Nausea and SIN) on vox, Christy Lovegren on vox, Gags On Bass, Jon on guitar, and Gary on drums. That show was also the beginning of Profane Existence, which started the show as a spoken word group, the show was a benefit for the ARC ( animal rights coalition).Soon after that show Christy left the band, it just wasn't what she wanted to do in life I guess.The next summer we made a trip to New York with our good friend Sid from Portland OR, played some great shows, made some great friends that we still have today, and saw the beginning of the end of the Lower eastside squatters world.It was right around the time of the Tomkins Square Riots, and there was a lot of @ energy at the shows and in the park.It was a very inspiring little journey for our first time out of the midwest.Soon after we returned to Mpls, Al quit and went to sing with Amy in Nausea and Sid joined Misery.This has been the line up ever since, Gags- Bass and vox, Sid Guitar and vox, Jon Guitar and vox, and Gary Drums and vox.
More here
02:Two world collide
03:Ghost of the fallen (justice lost)
04:Legion of the hopeless
06:New years
07:Screw you too


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