Stuck on Ceiling-Intro-wersja (Tape,1993)

i know only a few about these guys, thanks to the visitor who made a comment in 7inchcrust long time ago: Stuck on Ceiling come from Poland, they formed in 1990 and released several tapes, "Intro-wersja ,1993 and "Wahadla godzin",1995 are the most well known. Due to many line up changes their music changed too and their hardcore/crossover hybrid was transformed into crossover and finally to experimental music with "Na horyzoncie rwert" cd (1999)
"Intro-wersja " was recorded back in the old days when the band was in the hardcore territory. It was released on Enigmatic, the cover unfolds and includes lyrics (in Polish), the tape consists of ten tracks and 38 minutes of hardcore/punk, if you known "W prozni" 7" then imagine an early version of it with no screaming vocals
Nuff said,go get it
01:Martwy punkt
02:Skrajna nedza
03:Wybryk natury
05:Na nowo [ moskwa ]
06:Jak w niebie
08:To wszystko
09:To tylko zabawa
10:Rdzenie komorek

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Anonymous said...

Big thanks for that!!!!!!
It was my first hc tape which I bought!!! But it was stolen with my car!!! thx a lot again!!!!