Kurwa Aparata-Demo (2002,cd)

This is Kurwa Aparata 's second demo recorded in winter of 2002. KA started in E.K.H Squat in Vienna in 2001, check this text from their website:
Kurwa Aparata startet in late November 2001 in the cellar of E.K.H. Squat. Ottakris (guitar) and Pawel (drums) startet to play some Crusty Punkrock. After 1 week Besen joined the Band as vocalist. A couple of sonx were made. In February 2002 Michi came to Kurwa as bass player. So, our first line-up was complete. In April 2002 we recorded a Demotape with Veit in the small gigplace from E.K.H. 14 sonx with fucked up quality. Some days later we played our first concert in Poweviolencecity Nr.1 from Austria. In Amstetten/Doislau (R.I.P.)!
In December 2002 we went to Studio and recorded a Demo CD. 11 sonx in good Quality (maybe too good) were made. After this record session we decided to play with two guitars.
The demo is a 17 minutes crust punk attack, the sound quality is good standing equal to a official release sound level, lyrics in english (except two tracks)
01:Their agreement for our revolt
02:Lügner 03:Arbeit schändet!
04:Destroy yourself
05:Don`t forget us
06:Fuckin pose
07:Hate against hate
08:Human worse than animals
09:Our vote means nothing
11:We got more feelings than you think

Kurwa Aparata-Demo cd 2002


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