Twist-Demo (cd,2008)

I discovered these guys during a drunk journey with no any particular direction into myspace universe:Twist come from Pernik, a city of 90.000 people in the western Bulgaria and this is their six track demo recorded in 2008. I entered their myspace and my attention was caught by the gasmask on the flash player(you know..these crust cliches..) and vocalist's dreadlocks as well,hahaha, so i said this is our stuff to give it a try..
Anyway, these guys are a bit far to call them a crust band: The vocals are brutal deep low howls, the production is excellent but the guitars and rhythm section are closer to new school hardcore/metalcore than crust territory. No disappointment though, these guys are real cool in what they do: the sound of guitar is thick, metal edged and helped by the rhythm section, there are even some fast forward parts closer to straight hardcore/crust and vocalist's voice dominates. The sound is excellent in the levels of an official release but i m not into this new school/metalcore so i can't tell you they sound like this or like that band. There are loads of pictures in their myspace but unfortunately there are no any other infos about the band(biography,tours,whatever.) but the announced that they are on the way to record a new track,
that's the shit, now give it a try..
01:Past future
02:Fake rules
03:Our way
06:In war with Babylon


Anonymous said...

Hi there!

There is nothing to comment about, just see : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O60ZliGACMQ and then we may talk :P

Anonymous said...

I'll give you some info about them.
They have two more demo tracks.
- Гняв
- Stay togeather
The band is with five members:
Emo - drummer
Vesko - guitar
Kiky - guitar
Miro - bass
Sasho(SashE) - vocal
They are making their music seriouseley from two years and they already have seven concerts:
2x club "Puzzle" (Plovdiv)
2x club "8ball" (Sofia)
1x club "Toucan" (Sofia)
1x club "Fans" (sofia)
1x "A hole in the head" open air - Dupnitsa
And day after day, after day they play better and better :)
I am a big fean of TwisT and i have been on 5 concerts so far...
\m/ I'm sorry for my bad english and i hope that you will understand my massage :)

7inchcrust said...

thanks for the infos.
Sepultura's cove on video is really cool.

Na zdrave :)

Anonymous said...

The file could not be found. Please check the download link."

Rapidshare sucks. You have to re-upload that. Can you give me your e-mail, just to ask you something? :)