Adolf-Hitler-Klan-demo (tape,1984)

No any nazi shit here:AHK was a provoking band from Horstel, Germany. They formed in 1984 and this tape is their only recorded material, they disbanded and came back in action in 2002 under the name Surf Nazis Must Die, they recorded a demo tape (2002) and the "Anti-everything" ep(Youth Attack Records) and once again split up and joined other bands.
This is the AHK tape recorded back in 1984. They deliver seven tracks of shitty and noisy hardcore with provoking lyrics. No need to say anything else, check Surf Nazis Must Die myspace for more infos about both bands and an interview as well.

02:DIY till i die
04:Lucifer sin arschloch
05:Runter damit
06:Adolf w bush
07:All hail to ibbenb¤îren


demogorgo said...

But who makes a song about george w. bush in 1984?

7inchcrust said...

its a song about the father GWB not the junior:

Anonymous said...

This has to be from 1994, hence the Bush tirade.

Anonymous said...

This was of course not recorded in 1984 or 1994. It's pre-SNMD recorded in 2001 or shit...funny.

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